Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dragon Cake

It's been a busy couple of weeks for cakes. We have celebrated my daughter's and my father in law's birthdays and I made cakes for them both.

The first one was for my father in law. My husband asked me if I would be able to do one with the Welsh dragon on seeing as his step father is Welsh. At first I thought it was a big ask but I'm always up for a challenge at the moment. I looked at a couple of ideas but decided that my best bet was going to be drawing the dragon onto the cake and filling it in. My first attempt was on top of plastic with the picture underneath but once it was dry I tried to get it off the plastic and it just fell to pieces. My second attempt was done onto a piece of thinly rolled sugarpaste. This proved to be a bit more successful but it did try to fall apart when I was putting it onto the cake. Once it was positioned on the iced cake I went over it again just to make sure it looked the best it could.

I was generally happy with this cake but would have been happier to have not had a white background on the green section of the cake. Oh well, not bad for a first attempt :)

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