Monday, 27 September 2010

It begins!

I have decided to try out making cupcakes and have some fun trying out the icing. A friend and I were trying to come up with ways of making money and this is where my thoughts turned. So I am now trying out different recipes trying to find the best ones I can and tweaking the not so good.

I found a recipe for red velvet cupcakes on Friday and thought I'd make them for my mother in law on Saturday. The first batch came out brown despite following the recipe so thought to myself I'd try again another time and just made the icing. However I made a botch on the icing and ended up with tons of the stuff! So I then made a second batch with twice as much red food colouring as the recipe asked for and these came out a pinky brown! All I can think is American food colouring must be different to the ones in Tesco, can anyone help me out on this? Anyway I gave the icing a go and I was very impressed with myself, I managed to do quite a good job.

Once they were iced I threw on some chocolate strands for a little bit of crunch. I do have to say they were the best cupcakes I've ever made and have inspired me to keep going on this  :) Check out the pics and let me know what you think.


  1. You should check out Cupcake Wars on the food network - they'll give you some ideas on flavour combinations and decoration, and they're fun too!
    A word of caution, you might want to check out food laws for commercial business, I'm under the impression you might need some adaptations in your kitchen to conform but hopefully I'm wrong:)
    I find baking very enjoyable, I hadn't made bread for years but had a shot y/day and really enjoyed the experience and the result of course:)
    Good luck with all your experimenting, hopefully you'll make plenty of money to cover it all, lol!!

  2. I've had a look online, when is it on TV?
    I know there are a lot of things I need to research before I look into the commercial side of it but for now I'm just enjoying finding out if I'd be any good at it. I'm also thinking about doing a cake decorating course in the future for wedding cakes but we'll see.
    I've never made bread, I know if I made it I'd eat it before hubby even got in the door!